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More like a simulation game

Every sports game try to be the most simulate game.. Madden, Fifa, NBA, etc.. except NHL.

1 - the scoreboard. Every hockey game you watch.. the scoreboard is on the upside left of the tv.. every channel you listened.. except EA sports NHL. Why?

2 - the big "goal" on the tv when you scores. With the comments in the game, you know when somebody scores.. no channel use this.. none.
You have to let this go.. it's not cool and it's not like a real game.

3 - the replay. When you scores.. most of.the third replay is on the ice like a drone film it.. there's no replay on the ice. The most thrilling one is when you see it from the crowd.. that's awesome.. not on the ice near the players.

4 - tradeblock. When you put someone on the tradeblock, he's negative.. why he knows it.. can you explain me ?

5 - the coaching staff. When you put it I was like.. oh yeah it's awesome.. but, does it change something ? It changes nothing in the game.. I want to see more.

6 - stats in the game. When you see a stats in the game during a pause of play it's totally too fast, you don't have time to read or see the stats and the game is already continued. If you want to put stats.. let me see it please.

7 - franchise. I want you to spend much time in that mode. It's a big mode that you have to work more on it please.

Definitely, you have to do a more simulate game then now.. we want to play like we watch a real game..
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