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Next NHL create a team suggestion!

I have always been a huge fan of the create a team feature in the NHL games. However in the past few years I felt as if no attention has been given to that feature. I have a few simple suggestions to revitalize and bring new life into that feature.
1. An online sharing mode for created teams where people can upload/download teams.
2. The ability to enter specific hex colors for team colors. I really do not like the slider feature because it is hard to find that exact color you are looking for. If players are able to enter the hex number of the color they are looking for this would eliminate the hassle of trying to find the right color on the slider (given that it is not a preset).
3. A quick swap for colors. If players could quick swap colors on lets say their custom jerseys with either saved colors or the team colors this could really make creating teams a lot easier, especially equipment. I know I get annoyed when I have to scroll through almost 3 menus to get to one of my saved colors.

I'm not game dev but I feel like these suggestions are pretty simple and could incentives people who feel as if the yearly releases dont offer much to buy NHL22


  • yarg232
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    edited January 25
    Jersey logos, logos and more logos! You have an endless supply of play-by-play names but those names don't match the logos you can customize. Maybe 5-6 do, if that. At least have every play-by-play name have the letter customization going down on an angle like the Rangers, Canes and Minnesota's alternate jersey style logo. We get the same exact logos every year only this year you added some different style of fonts. Some of the logos like pizza, hotdog, road cone, plug, unicorn are just plain stupid. No one can come up with better ideas? Or have the ability to make your own logo and upload it to the game.
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