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EASHL Playoffs - Level of Dysfunction is Appalling

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed in NHL 21 as a whole as not much feels or looks different. When the game becomes objectively worse than the last release this is a cause for concern.

My main concern here is in EASHL, where my .500 club is stuck in the Elite Cup, primarily facing teams who are lightyears better than us. Nobody in my club is even at 21,000rp (yes we are average). Why are we constantly playing teams that are as high as 30,000rp? This isn't even in the same ballpark in terms of fair matchmaking.

Further legitimate questions:

Why is the EASHL playoffs 20 days long?
Why can't we play regular games outside of our division which aren't playoffs?
Why is the EASHL playoffs not actually a playoff, just a ranked season?
Why does my player and jersey thumbnail turn black in the dressing room?
Why is the EASHL playoffs 20 days long?

The level of thought put into this system is what I've come to expect from EA over the years, next to none. I feel playoffs should be shortened drastically, and clubs should be able to to play regular games in the past.

Not everyone is hyper-competitive and wants to play the best teams in the world for 20 days. We ran into a club that was tanking during the regular season so they could avoid the Elite Cup. This PERFECTLY demonstrates the level of DYSFUNCTION present. 
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