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Why Do I Bother With Rivals Anymore?

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After having a 34 game win stream in HUT Rush, I decided to go into Rivals with my new team in Div 4. One game away from ranking to div 3 and I get into a game after an hour search. The guy just sits behind his net, I try to forecheck and he goes for the breakout, then turns back to go behind his net and rags it again. Finally catch a break and score on a rebound. Then in the last 4 minutes into the 3rd he ties it up after my defense make a stupid line change while my opponent is forechecking and then goes cross-crease. Tie game and the last 4.4 seconds are left. I get packet loss of 40%, ridiculous high ping and booted offline... My opponent just bought the game more likely a couple days ago on Xbox. Has 12 hours and 45 minutes played, yet somehow is in Div 4 already. This said person was booting people offline the other day in Champs, which included a partnered streamer who was live streaming. How is this person even allowed to be online still? My lossless record now is 7-1-0 because of this person... IP booting has been an issue in NHL 21 since release and why hasn't it been dealt with yet? Saying this is a difficult thing to resolve isn't true as previous EA NHL games never had this issue. Pretty sure EA servers used to have some type of VPN setup prior. The Amazon servers that connect me to Origin are awful now too... So pointless to play any games when certain issues that have lasted since the beginning of NHL 21 haven't been addressed and have caused a lot of toxicity within the community...
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