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Great game for laughs...

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Drop in. All randoms on both sides.

Luckily for me my team is pretty solid position wise. We easily go up 4-0 in the first period. End of the first, they don’t have a shot on net but their goalie quits.

End of the second they still don’t have a shot on our net. 6-0.

5 mins left in the game and we’re up 9-0 and they STILL don’t have a shot on our net! 😂

Oh and I forgot. Our goalie pulled himself unexpectedly because he wanted in the action. He crashed the opposing goalie and scored to make it 10-0. 🤣

We end up giving them two breakaways with the last couple mins and our goalie stops both. 😂

We win 11-0. Outshooting them 36-2. 😂

Now that was fun. 😁
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  • Your point?
  • Wants a medal or something
  • Hehe, Speaking of fun.. Or not so fun, depends on how you see it..

    But it happens to me sometimes.. When I upgrade my team with a new flashy forward, he's first game, and he"s first shift.. You want to see what he got.. So you hold on to the puck abit to long with that player and... Booom... Laid out... And you see him getting carried away out to the locker room...

    I always feel so empty when that happens.. 😏
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