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Mark Stone. Ottawa jerseys are wrong

Please help. So I am trying to complete mark stone. I save up jerseys to get pack where you pick jersey The jerseys you pick for Ottawa are different then the ones you need and you can’t even buy them either. Ea please fix!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Z0mbieBabyJesus
    1539 posts Member
    edited January 2021
    You could always just make them in the jersey set. There's nothing to fix
  • I did make the pack but the Ottawa jerseys in the pack are different then the ones you need. The pack should contain the right ones that match the required jerseys needed. Isn’t that correct? They don’t match
  • Anyone else have this problem?
  • monz
    958 posts Member
    edited January 2021
    There are 2 different jersey choices for that overall check the one to the right it should be for the same overall but different jersey's needed to complete
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  • Ok thank you
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