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Position Lock Players....sliders?

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Are there any position lock players out there? (basically Be A Pro in exhibition). Any good, balanced sliders? I really want to enjoy the game this year, but finding enjoyment harder this hear than last.

Not to bring up a sore subject, but after playing a few games on Position Lock I've noticed the following on All Star:

- Position Lock plays different. I can't tell if your players are affected by the HUM sliders or CPU sliders.
- CPU is relentless and "scripting" is more evident. Example: I was winning 1-0 going into the 3rd period. I literally told myself the CPU will score and take the lead in the 3rd, then I'll tie it, game will go to OT, and the CPU will win. What happened? Exactly what I predicted. In the 3rd period, the CPU scored 2 goals in 20 seconds (which must be a script of something because the announcer was all over saying it was 20 seconds apart.) Then I tied it....game goes to OT....CPU wins. Frustrating to say the least that I predicted all that.
- CPU players have incredible acceleration. I put the CPU player acceleration 15 points lower than HUM to and they still catch up to my guys fast.
- CPU passing accuracy is uncanny no matter the slider. Even with CPU pass accuracy at 0, they still hit 75% or more. My team will be lucky to hit 65%.
- I don't think All Star is the "even" field and neither is Pro.

Are there any sliders / suggestions out there to eliminate these issues? It's just not that fun when you can predict what will happen. I was losing 3-0 in one game after 1 period....to test a theory, I switched sides. With the "new" team, I'm now "winning"...but what happens? Suddenly, my previous team that could not pass, score, skate, etc...can now do all that like All Stars and tied the game up in 2 periods.

I do think something is wonky with Position Lock and Be A Pro. Or maybe it is just a Position Lock thing?

Any thoughts to help? Anyone have good balanced sliders to share?

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  • Steven5470
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    Think I might be done and chalk this years game as a $60 loss. The CPU on All Star is relentless regardless of the sliders. Probably the 10th game straight the CPU has scored 1-2 goals before me in the 1st period. And probably 5th game they have scored 3 goals in the 1st period. Doesn't matter where they shoot, they score. All Star is definitely not the "even" playing field.

    Tried another slider set and same issues.

    I don't know what to say. The CPU on all star is relentless. Another game where the CPU scores first.

    In this game:
    Ott (CPU) has 5 shots....2 goals...76.6% passing.
    Bos (Me) has 13 shots...0 goals....91.7% passing.

    I'm playing position lock and really believing position lock is not working the way it is supposed to. My guys cannot hold on to the puck to save their lives. Pucks bounce off my player sticks, but glue to the CPU. CPU can skate right through my defenders and score....also score at such amazing angles.

    I even lowered the CPU Player acceleration 10 points below mine and they still outskate to the puck.

    I'm about to give up on this game and mark it as a $60 loss. Probably the most frustrating version of EA's "hockey" game I have ever played.
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