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Backchecking Gone Wrong

Here's is a great analysis of a Backcheck that went wrong and why it went wrong.

This is something you have to deal with a lot in Drop-Ins so I thought it would be a good video for people to watch.


  • Another good backchecking tip:

    - When your defender has good position and is closing the gap, you want to glide in and stalk that player from behind, facing your own net
    - Hold your stick out in front of you as you glide down on the inside shoulder of that player to make them weary of trying to cut back to the inside
    - Now the opponents options are to chip in or try to curl back
    - In drop-ins, most players are not going to chip in, so the curl back is what you are really looking for
    - If you do this right and you have a good d-man, you will get far more big hits and turnovers as a back checking forward
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