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New Roster Update (Jan. 27th)

I see that there’s a new update available.

Anyone know if there were any other players added to NHL and AHL teams, or is it just for the newest jerseys they mentioned in the patch notes?


  • Far as I can see, they added Lehtonen to the Leafs but that's the only change I noticed

    The duplicate players (all SEVENTEEN of them!) are still sitting in free agency...

    Love to see it!
  • Yes, I see there have been a roster update. Lets go sens! 👍
  • Sega82mega
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    edited April 2021
    I wonder when to expect a new roster update..?

    Are they holding on until trade deadline is over...

    And I wonder how it works, I know J. Boqvist was in the NJD lineup but then he was taken away... If the team scratch them, they also disappears in the squad in the game?

    You could at least think you could find them under the 'scratched' players.
  • Yeeeeah great work EA, new roster update. That was fast after the deadline!

    Carter is now a penguin! 😄👍
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