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EASHL playoff suggestions

Have 10 days of mathes were you havecto play 24 games, 13 teams above you and 12 below you. Top 128 teams go into a bracket. Best 2 of 3 each round. Playing one round per day. Clear cut winner with every club getting the same chance to win


  • You can't schedule games in EASHL. These teams play games randomly.
  • No **** bud..schedule playoffs though
  • To piggy back on this....you could have it where you log in, and you play other teams on at the same time as your club...except you are locked into that series with that team until it's over. Lose 2 of 3 and you're out, and go back to playing seasons. It is entirely within the realm of possibilities.
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    I shared my idea of what playoffs should look like in another post last year but I'll share it here for you:

    - EVERY WEEKEND is a bracketed playoff option like previous releases. Brackets. Non-stop, all weekend you can just play tourney after tourney if you want. The same format as 3's Eliminator and One's.

    - BUT... The first 3 weekends of each month the playoffs don't reward you with any banners (just like 3's Elim and One's don't). They are just placement tourneys. How much you win or lose over those 3 weekends is tracked and your club generates a "Club Playoff RP".

    - Then, the LAST weekend of the month is the playoffs where you compete for a banner just like the old format. You only get two attempts like before.

    - But now the "Playoff RP" your team has generated over the previous three weekends of tournaments determines what Cup/Banner you're actually playing for. If you're a club that lost a lot on the previous three weekends you've got a lower "club playoff RP" competing for a lower level banner with other teams that didn't fare well either.

    - If you won multiple tourneys over the first 3 qualifying weekends you're competing for a legendary Cup against other teams that fared very well over those weekends as well.

    - It WOULD NOT be mandatory to participate like it is in the painfully absurd Club Finals we have now. You would not be forced to play it. You could just play some weekend tourneys for fun (knowing there's no banner at stake) or skip it all together.

    - Games would be played in clubs real arenas they've unlocked not this gimmicky outdoor rink.

    This would be the best format for everyone and cover the best of all worlds. Gamers get a regular super fun dose of a real playoff "win or go home" atmosphere in their own rinks, the window is short (weekends) to get it done, and it's not mandatory if you don't want to play it. And having only one weekend to win a banner against similar skilled clubs keeps it a true challenge to get one.
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