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Why are 80 overall goalies better than 90 overall?

This goes both ways, I have had bad young goalies who suck all year and then are unbeatable in the playoffs.

This last series I had an 89 gibson in net. Went up against an 80 overall mrazek. Gibson was never above .90% meanwhile mrazek lets 1 in 40 twice and never lets in more than 2 goals in a game. This isnt a once in a while thing. I actually dread facing bad teams late in the playoffs. They have the nonsense voodoo especially with bad goalies.

This does occasionally happen in real life. Maybe once every 10 years an underdog makes it to the finals. I cant think of the last team that actually won. Carolina in 2006 was probably the last time. That was 14 years ago. And what won them that cup? Goalie helped.
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