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Lets Get Back On Track Into Making A Better EA NHL Game!

Keeping up with Twitter lately on opinions about NHL 21, and things aren't looking good this year. Many of the gamechangers have become frustrated, along with the general EA NHL community who spend countless hours playing this game. A lot of us were able to make due of the current state of the game up until this point where some issues haven't been addressed for a very long time, despite video evidence, constant reminders that this game has so many problems and missing components that could really make this game into something stable and enjoyable. It's become too frequent that many other users are exploiting their toxic traits to ruin the experience for those of us who want to have fun and play competitively. I mentioned the issue in 3's a few days ago where the goalies will glitch to the opposing side and block the goalie from making a save so his team can score. This said person was never banned and is still wreaking havoc doing that. Then there is HUT where players have found a way to desync players offline, and reset the opponents router so they can get a DNF W.

Then there is EASHL where drop-in is basically a dead horse. Took me and a friend 9 hours yesterday to get 2 games. Another person spent a couple hours to get one game. Club Finals are so frustrating to play too as not many of us have the time and day to get wins to be the top when we work daily. The old playoff format was better. If EA could bring some components from NHL 14, like community lobbies, indoor drop-in with jersey selection, like majority of us want, this game could thrive.

Basically only LG is thriving now, with NHL teams getting on that train to sponsor multiple leagues. If changes aren't made though I think people will start turning the bandwagon to other games like many gamechangers are now. Felt bad yesterday after watching a gamechangers stream to find out his created rosters were deleted after update. After so many hours and days working on them that happens... This game isn't enjoyable anymore and it's one of the reason I uninstalled it and kind of want a refund now as it was pretty much a waste of money for a half made game, with basically a horrible roster update. It's time to start listening the community members and EA Gamechangers who play this game, not those Reddit people who just want to troll and ask for ridiculous features... this ain't Fortnite!

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