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Points ranking system for the Playoffs??

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edited February 2021
Can someone from EA sports please explain the points system in the current playoff format?

My team mates and I are at a loss to understand how they work.

Seems we get any where from 99 - 250ish points for a win but a loss we generally get anywhere from 400-500 points taken off.

We played a team won the game only got 99 points for the win I think we won 5-2 then we played a team that quit just before puck drop and got something like 135 points for that win.

How does this point ranking system make any sense? How can we as players track whats going on?

Our teams record from my memory was something like 62-30-1...something like that.

Why are teams that are 10-2-0 or something around that have a better playoff point ranking higher than us?

Why are we not rewarded for playing the game?

Seems like the less you play as long as you don't loose you will have a better record than a team that plays a lot but has a few losses against them.

This is not right and should be fixed...


  • EA_Aljo
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    You gain more points for beating a team that is above your rank. You'll lose more points for losing to a team that is below your level. So, if you are frequently playing teams that are well below your rank, you won't get as many points and if you lose to those teams, the penalty will be more than if you lost to a team at your rank or higher.
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