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Play of the Period .....

Can we either expand the “play of the period” to something more mildly interesting, more rightfully deserving of being labeled as such, or just scrap it altogether???

It’s just the same old yawn-inducing thing time and again. The “momentum shift” slow-mo hit which wasn’t that seismic at all but generically chosen over a beautifully timed hip-check in the corner. And the “spectacular goal” which is anything but. And the “save of the century” which is really just a soft toss from the blue line put right into a high glove the goalie didn’t even need to move for. Or the “hat trick in 1,434 seconds” which not only is a weird way to calculate that, but also not achieved with a single play. If you are highlighting the third goal scored fir the hat trick, why not just make it yet another “spectacular goal?”

Let’s get some real plays showcased like a nice set play between the team off a draw, or a team showing off their cycling and chemistry, or better yet... maybe some dynamic defensive plays seeing as they’re the true plays we find rewarding to make.

Also, the manually unzip your rewards bag and unleash the sun animation was new and fun fir all of the first 3 or 4 bags. Now it’s just another gimmicky nuisance.

Also, it’s quite conniving to throw HUT packs in every few WORLD OF CHEL reward bags, then prompting us to stay in WORLD OF CHEL or take the bait and “go to HUT” where someone might spend more $$$.

They are two different game modes, one of which I’ve never even played, don’t interject one into the other so you can sell more HUT packs, how deceptive is that?
Bet there’s no such thing in HUT that prompts you to WOC EASHL?!?!


  • There should be more aspects of the game highlighted besides goals and hits. Why not a player focus for takeaways? Blocked shots? A playmaker with 3+ assists? Highlight a fight?

    There are many players that aren't all scorers and hitters that make just us much of a contribution to the overall success of a team. EA needs to promote team aspects more and less individualism. Maybe if they did the community would have less wannabe heroes / do-it-all's and be slightly less toxic.
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