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Hooking (major)

What exactly is a major hooking penalty? I keep getting these in sim.... I'm fairly certain there has never been a major hooking penalty in hockey



    "Major Penalty - A major penalty shall be imposed on any player who injures an opponent by "hooking" (see 55.4). Game Misconduct - When a major penalty has been assessed for hooking as a result of an injury to an opponent, a game misconduct penalty must also be assessed." First time I've heard of it too
  • Interesting... That being said I'm 99% sure it's not possible in the game...

    The only way I could see someone getting injured from a hook would be if it was to the face/neck (which would be a high stick) or by tripping them up into the boards (which would be a trip)... Hooking someone just slows them down so I'm not sure how you'd hurt someone with a hook.
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