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The Perfect Online Mode

Why doesn't NHL bring back some form of GM Connected that they had a few years ago?

I was thinking of buying 21, but none of the game modes really interest me enough. I was thinking what the perfect mode would be, and something that focuses on seasons based around fantasy drafts would be the most exciting online mode in my opinion. Curious if you'd agree?

Here's what I think the perfect mode would be:

Drafts for your team could be set up like mock drafts when you do online fantasy leagues (Yahoo! etc), where random people jump on and pick for a pool of players. Drafts are always being hosted so people wouldn't have to wait too long to enter a draft lobby.

First you pick a real NHL team to be in that season of the ones available in your draft lobby. If 30 people fill a draft room at a particular time, then 30 online users pick their team for the upcoming or current season (seasons like many past online modes have had, or a playoff bracket modes, maybe some other cool ones like king of the hill). You could draft a unique team for each mode that you select prior to the draft.

If there isn't 30, then computer selection would automatically fill the rest of the "teams" and pick for them.

Users are automatically assigned a draft position and a snake selection process begins.

Maybe even coaches could be drafted and each would have specific bonuses to the team.

Players from leagues outside of the NHL could be included as well for more variety.

People would see the spots on their depth chart that they fill as they draft, and what they still need to focus on. I've always liked the projected rankings of teams when I do a fantasy draft...this could be a fun thing to have for the draft lobby. Some sort of AI generated commentary like an actual draft show that comes along as you draft would be cool, writing things like, "Watch out, this team is going to be fast.", "This is a veteran squad that will have high hockey IQ.", "The chemistry on this team is remarkable.", "They are loaded on the back end.", etc.

AI selection would need to be smart enough to pick within a range of players so it's not always simply taking the best available. If a * team needs a LW, then it would know to pick any of the top 5 best available, or based on need in certain ratings (hits, shot accuracy, endurance, etc).

Once the draft is completed, friends could also bring their newly drafted teams together into private leagues.

Do away with any GM-type stuff, just keep it to online gameplay. Chemistry on lines and editing your depth chart would still exist.

If there was a rich selection of bonuses you could purchase for the remainder of that season or whichever mode based on how you perform, I think that would add a lot for out-of-play features. Buying perks like loud crowds, bonuses to a certain player's stats or a line's stats, improved arena ice (increased speed of the game), mid game boosts that you could save up, etc. Some of these could impact the other team, both teams, or just the team that possesses the perk.

Like if somebody has better ice, and a guy has speed boosts to his top line and smelling salts that he activates mid-game...it starts to border on some sweet arcade mode for a short time throughout the game! It'd be cool to show a summary of these unique team and player perks at the start of the game as it's loading for example.

Creating this sort of online mode ensures the fairest play. Rather than regular online, where there are real discrepancies between the quality of teams, or HUT where there is a huge difference in the quality of players people have...this brings it down to skill level because everyone's teams are balanced. And having to re-draft every week or two would make it newly exciting each time.

I think the excitement of fantasy drafts is a huge part of why fantasy leagues are so fun. EA should be milking that for online.

Something like this would be fun as hell.
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