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Create a player/Edit player

When we create or edit a player can we have a slider or something to actually decide what type of game they play? Every created players puts solid goal scoring numbers in franchise. Don't care what type of player they are.

The best stat to look at is shots on goal. Every created players shots on goal like crazy.

After one season there are 7 players in the top 9 of the league in shots on goal.

There are 2way players, playmakers a defenseman in that group. And of course year after year they are on top in the goal scoring column.

A slider to decide how much they pass or shoot the puck in simulation can be a great addition for the franchise community.


  • This has been a known glitch this entire generation... Maybe it might get fixed next generation?
  • frenchfrog
    110 posts Member
    edited February 28
    That sliders exist ...with a certain program ,i found to edit nhl legacy on ps3 ...you had that slider to adjust players tendency ..either pass or shoot
    If i remember you would have a 0to10 at 0 the player would shoot all the time a la ovi ....and 10 he would pass all the time ...It is a slider it s hidden ...
    Im sure it s still in there just like ...all the hidden players files.
    Probably the created player are all at 0..
    Im not sure why they hide that stuff ,it would make are custom roster even greater..

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