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It's been 2 months and over 35,000 views since nosleeves released the video

It's been 2 months and over 35,000 views since nosleeves released the video that showed the masses how to exploit LT/L2 to skate backwards into the slot and use no look behind the back passes to score. I now see guys that can barely put two passes together try this move 10X a game. Like so much in the game, this is not a hockey play, and should not be in the game, and should definitely not be one of the main ways to score.

Does EA plan on addressing this at all? It's kind of embarrassing that it is still in the game TWO MONTHS after one of the most prominent community members brings a lot of attention to it. Nothing against him by the way, if anything he did a service by exposing it.

The lack of response to these kinds of issues is just embarrassing.


  • Sega82mega
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    edited February 28
    As I see it.

    It's too late. The train is already in motion.

    NHL 21 has showing me that it isn't totally impossible to both have fun and to play a pretty realistic way.

    But for that to happen on a frequent basis I think about 85% of the player base need to change their way to play.

    And I dont see that happen, just like that.

    EA tryed their best to get people to understand defense is a big part of hockey by introduce 'cross creases' which is a goal thats often a result of a way to offensive playstyle.

    But what did that? Instead of question our own ability to play defense.(or a way to aggressive offens)... . We started to complain about how easy cross creases is... No wonder..?

    I have giving up hope on this year game. It is what it is, you can have fun, and develop your own game, if you play onlineVS, just for fun.

    But I highly dissuaded people for going competive in this game. Your brain will pop!

    But with that said, I do think future will bring something way more better.

    We might even get time to lean back and just enjoy a game of hockey, without risking a mental disorder at the same price.
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