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Add a 'Free Agent Search' to Drop-Ins/Club in WoC

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edited February 2021
As a drop-in player, it would be neat to add an option to select 'Free Agent Search' while looking for a drop-in.

Meanwhile, as a club in EASHL - you could have an option like 'Fill Open Spots From Free Agent Pool' if you have less than 6 players.

Then, if you have 3 or 4 players and want to play a full 6v6 game - you can fill those spots and still play against other teams of 6.

This would be a great way for randoms to try out for clubs but also get an idea of what it's like to play with a full team of mostly like-minded players rather than the toxic environment of all randoms.

As the club players, you should have the added ability to remove any free-agent players from your team at any time (even during the game) to prevent trolls from ruining a club game.
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  • Marvie03
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    This would be a good add to the game. Right now it's a pain trying to find players to fill up a club.
  • IceLion68
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    Great idea. Probably too late for 22 - I assume the feature set is more or less decided at this point - but hopefully it gets future consideration.
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  • j0rtsu67
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    Good idea.

    Option to remove free agents at any time is essential.
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