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Bad Rep Xbox Profiles

Hey, EA developers (not community managers, we already know you don't care). I just got ragged yet again, and I looked at the profile, and yet again, it's someone with a flagged profile for having a bad reputation.

I'm done listening to excuses about how you haven't done a thing to address this because "it's hard". Set up a matchmaking filter for bad rep profiles like you did for ping, and do it now. The only thing more ridiculous than puck raggers is the laziness of this dev studio in reacting to it.

Yeah, I know, your sponsored pros do it and you don't want to upset them. I don't care and none of the 99% percent of your player base care either.

Do something, and do it now. Don't ask your customers to fix the product they pay you for.


  • monz
    958 posts Member
    Other titles such as GTA have had features like whats being requested for a long time!

    Get on the ball EA!!!!
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