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Bad Physics Game! EA Needs To Fix Their Game lol

Please watch the video! This was some nonsense! My 94 Lundqvist couldn't save this? Pucks bouncing all over the place. I have my defender tied up with and he still gets the puck. It goes underneath the armpit of my goalie. Then his player picks up the puck with it inside the stick and scores...

Had a couple games where my opponents where having this issue. One of them sent me a replay of them poke checking me. They were stick on puck and it glued back to my stick. This type of stuff should be fixed asap. It's killing the community and game.


  • You're playing hut rush? That's pure arcade.

    Nothing to complain about imo
  • IceLion68
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    For me the worst was at around 00:37 when the guy draws his stick back and the puck is mysteriously stuck to the stick blade.
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