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Let's Talk: Best methods for max HUT Rush points

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Hey, NHL fans!

For this week's Let's Talk topic, let's discuss how you all are racking up those HUT Rush points. Are there some go-to moves you like to use to increase that multiplier? Personally, I try to use between the legs passes and spin-o-ramas. Windmill dekes and toe drags are pretty easy to pull off and can increase your score quite a bit. Got any moves you'd like to share with the community that may help others max their points? Detail them here!


  • Play on semi pro, then make a big hit, followed by the windmill deke and finally a snap shot to the near post... Release the shot just above the hash marks in the mid slot.
  • Big body check, steal the puck, windmill then one timer. I also stick with the longer hut rush games to cut down on the load time.
  • SuperKMX_39
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    Play on Rookie to rinse the bonus requirements.

    Then switch to a higher difficulty level and start monotonously using big body checks, the windmill deke, and backdoor passes until I can get to the point that I hit "Return to Hockey Ultimate Team" and watch as the game freezes and needs to be restarted.
  • Honestly you don't need to be flashy - just winning online will net you over 50k points; with regular goals by X position challenges completed you''ll be maxed out in less than a day
  • I'm guessing Rush will be replacing challenges in coming releases so I'm trying to get used to it and been playing more of late. Still not that crazy about it but I do appreciate requiring fewer dekes than earlier in the season and focus on hockey skills like shot type, blocked shots, face offs, et al.

    I love playing outside and on international rinks and really wish those were incorporated into the basic HUT mode. The Threes rinks need to go however.

    Since I can't pull off the dekes I find it best to bang everything in sight and make sure I get in 3 or more passes in the O-zone for Tic-Tac-Toes.
  • Literally just play on rookie, after you get the objectives done just keep playing on rookie and do two toe drags and score, easy points and because it's on rookie you can rack up the goals and get more points, this strategy works best when you have unlimited scoring and 3 periods.

    When it's first to score, or first to score 3 or 5, because you're limited in how many goals you can score now, you can try playing on pro to get a few more points if you want, but the majority especially for getting the objectives done play on rookie, so much easier to get them done.

    I originally thought if you played on a higher setting to get the 1.5x points it would go towards the objectives points as well, but since it doesn't matter what setting you put it on, you can't get any higher points on the objectives so might as well just play it on rookie and get them done easy.
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