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This seems to be an awful layout! My club is currently Div 5. The player pool is SO small and to make matters worse we can only face teams in our division and I think D6. So you wait maybe a half hour + to find a game.. and when you finally do you just keep playing the same team all night unless someone else pops on and you gotta ready up before your opponent so you're not on the outside looking in.

We played probably 8 games tonight. 4 times out of those 8 we had players on the other team quit after we took a 2 goal lead. (Now I'm not saying we're the greatest team I think we are around 60-30 some of us are good some of us need to work on some stuff, just friends irl mostly) but the other team gets cpu(s) and the WHOLE game changes. We got outscored 5-0 in the third in one game the CPU gets 4 goals and almost ALL their takeaways beats me in nearly every faceoff after I was winning them all vs human. Everyone in my club gets off and doesn't want to play anymore. But EA insists CPU's are not that good.. if 1 CPU gets 4 goals in one period and we have 2 guys JUST trying to stop him.. it's a problem.. imagine if we were a really bad team trying to stop him, how is this fair? If someone in club quits.. auto L. Or no CR/ game loss for the team that lost to CPU skaters.. unless of course we can make them worse.. maybe the elite players can beat them.. idk? However, my club can't and we obviously beat humans more often than not.. the programming and strength of CPU players in EASHL should not depend on the strength of the elite teams that use every exploit to win.. it should go off the avg player trying to have a good time..

Apart from these problems you have teams in EACH division that are 125-3ish.. how? How is a Div 10,8,6,4,1 team all that good? First off any team with that record not in D1 is making a joke out of this system and purposefully putting themselves in a div lower to get a cup you don't just get to div 8 and then win 100 straight games.. #2 I feel these teams either glitch the end or have 2 clubs and just have 1 club always win vs the other. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't see 125 wins and a couple losses. Esp not in this game. I had a game earlier where my skater missed the entire net 3 times when they pulled their goalie. THREE TIMES! My club was just laughing at how insane it was, I will say that once it was a backhander from the top of the circle so I can see that miss kinda.. but the point is every 3-5 games I will have one where their goalie saves 8 perfect 1T's their passes go through my legs, our goalie plays far out and is slow to recover, my shots miss the net or I destroy the post all game etc. Those games we usually lose and that's fine there's luck in hockey (whether you beleive in ice tilt or really really really bad luck) but 125 wins and 1-3 losses? Either they're insanely good and using EVERY gameplay exploit available (hiding behind the net in 3's etc) to sweat out wins or they're CR glitching/ facing another club they control.

I'm fine losing in this game when I feel I lost fair. When a cpu scores that much or someone is ragging the puck, trying to get trips, quiting to get CPU skaters, this game becomes more frustrating than fun.

So maybe you decide to switch to drop in, right? Well we tried.. we ended up playing 6's.. with 2 randoms who actually played well. We started off two goals.. then just their wingers stayed and we lost 10-2.. almost exclusively their Center CPU dominating and their CPU defenseman not allowing anything.. I'm at the point now where I think only private matches are viable. The community in this game is the most toxic I've ever seen and there seems to be absolutely no answer for it. It's harder and harder to find this game enjoyable and it's sad. It's like pulling teeth getting anyone to play. But.. the game seems to be in a good place, right?

I'm SO sick of losing to CPU's..
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