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Will NHL 22 be on PS4?

I have a mid to high end gaming PC and spend 3/4ths of my time gaming on that. But I love the NHL and UFC and passionately have played the games on PS3 and PS4 for years and years now. However I'm nearly 30 now and have other bills and expenses to worry about and sadly will not be purchasing a PS5. Just due to the fact it would only be for me to play two sports titles. If NHL and UFC were on PC I could hook up a controller and this would not be an issue. But here we are. I just want to know if NHL 22 will be released on PS4, or if NHL 21 is the final rodeo for the NHL game series on PS4.


  • EA_Aljo
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    Hello, @RangersGoon91

    We haven't made any announcements about future NHL releases. Keep an eye on our official channels. When we have some news, you should see it there. Thanks!
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