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Honest question

Let's preface this by stating, our club just finished in 68th in the most recent playoffs, and usually in the top 150ish every other season, so we can handle ourselves enough.

We played a really good team last night...and it was a great game connection wise. Lowest lobby ping I've EVER seen at 10 MS. Here's my issue: Why do "Elite" teams appear to have a clear advantage in terms of reaction time from their players? By that I mean I noticed several times where they were reacting defensively to my controller's offensive inputs before my skater even did, as did my teammates notice this on their end. This isn't an isolated occurrence either. I get that some guys' anticipation is approaching Jedi status, and that's great. This isnt something that you can really show through video unfortunately either, but I just wanna know if anyone else feels like this sometimes. We got shutout 3-0 by a better team, no shame in that...give in their recent games they've blown people out 7 or 8-2, we were happy that we hung with them.


  • We feel the same sometimes. We then joke around and pretend the other team is stacked with bots and not humans.
    I like your Jedi thing! 👍😂
  • Sy0ph4
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    It's all about predictability, people tend to play same kind of plays from game to game. 170cm sniper gunning down the boards with puck, stick out defensive skill stick and keep in between him and the net, if he can't go towards the net he'll most likely drop the puck to the d-man, do a turnover couple times at the dman and he'll start throwing puck to the net, trying to get a rebound on the backpost.
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