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I've had...a vision, wait no, a dream, no...an IDEA!

Ok so the bulk of EASHL players are looking for a return to the fully custom builds(not here because this community has died off quite a bit, but reddit, gfaqs, etc), so I had this idea.

Part 1) Minimize the effects of heights and weight on speed, strength, and acceleration. In other words, stop making it so severe.

Part 2)Allow us to make snipers, danglers, and playmakers a bit bigger. PWF can be faster, offensive minded Dmen can be a little stronger, Grinders are perfect, TWF should have higher durability, better offensive caps, and a little stronger. TWD could be a little faster, and smaller players in general could be a little more durable

Part 3) What if we were given two sets of traits and specialties? For example, a TWF Offensive set: Laser passing, heavy slapper, with OTW as the specialty. Defensive Set: Blockade, Interceptor, and Quick D-Stick. Or an Athleticism Set: Accelerator, Cardio Master, Medic.

Offensive Set: only active in the offensive zone, Defensive Set: only active in the defensive zone, and the Athleticism set is active in both.

Zero side effects.

I realize its off the wall, but I thought it was kinda neat


  • All good ideas.
    For me, I would like to see a number of points available so you can put them where you want them. I don't need ratings like offensive or defensive awareness, as I control the pixelwarrior with my awareness 😉. Speed, Endurance, Agility, Skating backwards skating(new), Hand-Eye....in short:
    Skill and Athletic abilities. Brain Stuff has to come from the women and men on their couches...
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