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The Real Toxicity of This Game

What nobody talks about when it comes to the toxicity of this game is why it happens. Sure there's always going to be the racist and xenophobic douchebags that you find in any online platform and let's be honest, nothing gets done about that.

But the toxicity that we see is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. That cause however is the game itself and a lot of the decisions that are made by the makers of it.

The number of problems associated with this game are in the dozens maybe even triple digits. We all know that and even if you want to deny it, that's simply denying reality. Videos get posted here and in other places and if there was even one ounce of a feeling that taking video would actually lead to positive changes, there would be so, so much more. Instead, we always get the run around in hopes that we simply lose patience and give up or will get responses that are simply, I don't even know the word that describes it but they are either straight up lies or make no sense in any existence of the reality we live in.

If people felt that coming to a place like this forum, where we are supposed to come and post videos would actually lead to something constructive, well, things would be different.

But they don't, because it won't, and here we are.

But as I said above, it's all about the choices that are made.

It's a choice to do nothing about the raggers in this game. There have been suggestions over the years and will continue to be more and yet it will persist because it's simply not viewed as a problem.
It's a choice to modify the in game attributes of players on both teams in an attempt to gain more "parity" so that teams who have lower rated players have more of a chance.
It's a choice to allow in game mechanics that defy the laws of physics.
It's a choice to allow in game mechanics that have no bearing on the game of hockey
It's a choice to allow in game mechanics that are not possible to defend
It's a choice to make the ability to play defense almost non existent
It's a choice to make the game so unbalanced towards offense that the above can occur
It's a choice to make the goalies so frustratingly incompetent that it's a crapshoot in any given game
It's a choice to make the AI progressively dumber year after year for no apparent reason making it so that you don't know whether you should be playing the puck carrier or the player the player the puck might go to.
It's a choice to have the computer cheat when playing them by increasing attributes and outright controlling situations despite what you as the user do (faceoffs in particular but there are others)
It is a choice to include game altering situations that will swing things in one direction or the other which goes hand in hand with the parity. Yes this is the much discussed DDA. This has become a catch all to describe something that we think exists. However it doesn't exist in the form we think. We see it in game. It's a pass here, a pass there, a hit that does or doesn't happen for no apparent reason, the AI all of a sudden going out of position despite playing a completely different way up until that point, a line change, a post or physics defying save, and dozens other little things that are intentional in why and when they happen that can conveniently be explained in other ways.

These are just some of the choices that are made year after year that cause frustration and anger for the player base and THAT is where the real toxicity comes from.

It is allowed to happen because of CHOICES that are made when making this game.

As I said above, you will never remove the toxicity completely from the game as simply put, people are **** and will do what they do.

But the rest of the toxicity is a symptom of the CHOICES that are made when this game is made.

You truly want it gone? Make better choices.
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