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So I've been playing NHL since NHL 18 and I have a few suggestions.

1) I would like to see a feature where we could carry over our progress in franchise and be a pro (and maybe even season - though I could live without it) to the next NHL game (for instance 21 to 22). To try to improve my game I recently started playing the franchise mode on superstar mode (with all the owner & coach stuff off) just to track my progress. However I noticed the depth of that game mode and am considering diving into it, except the one thing holding me back is that when NHL 22 comes out I will have to start over (or just not buy NHL 22).

I know MLB the Show allows you to carry over your progress to the new game and I would really love if you could do that with NHL (and madden, Fifa, etc too).

2) I tried Be A Pro for the first time this year. I did really feel it has a lot of potential and I did like, but it could use some tweaking to make it better in my opinion.

I feel the narrative questions/answers is really cool, but they always seemed to be the same things (maybe because I was terrible). Like my team mates asking you to go bowling once, but then that (or anything similar) never occurred again, but my coach was always asking what seemed to be the same things of me. More variety would really help it.

I would have really wished to have been able to start in the minor leagues (AHL, CHL, Europe) and played there for a bit, particularly since I was getting owned by the AI on superstar.

Plus it seemed that no matter how bad I would have played, I never wound up getting sent down to the AHL even though I felt I should have been.

Again, overall I felt the mode was good, but needed some work.

3) I would really like to see the game come to the PC or (maybe the rumored new and more powerful) a Nintendo console. I might not upgrade from PS4 to PS5, but if I do it will probably be mostly to play NHL. But it would be nice to play this on another platform if I don't get a PS5.

4) Cross play between PS4, PS5 & Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X & other systems going forward) would be sweet.


  • petteri54
    4 posts New member
    My wishlist to NHL games:
    -Hungary, South Korea and Slovenia national teams
    -European arenas back! (Hartwall Arena, Globen...)
    -Option to choose stadium before match, similar which are in FIFA.
    -More arenas, its annoying that every team plays in same "EA Sport Arena".
    -Make possible to play in empty arenas without spectators (because covid-19)
    -Replace the national teams ugly flag jerseys with similar unofficial jerseys which was in NHL 2003. (Current flag jerseys are joke!)
    -Olympic tournament!
    -Team Canada home arena should be Canadian Tire Centre (Ottawa) not the default EA arena!
    -Team USA home are should be Capital One Arena (Washington) not the default arena!
    -Goalkeeper goal celebration animation when goalkeeper scores goal.
    -Classic old national team jerseys (like Soviet Union CCCP jersey, DDR, Czechoslovakia)
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