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NHL 22 Suggestion: Secondary playstyles?

In the NHL, playstyles aren't super cut and dry for all players. There are many players who definitely only play one play style, but some play more than one. Examples of this:

Artemi Panarin - Primarily a playmaker, secondary sniper.
Alex Ovechkin - Primarily a power forward, his shot is elite enough to make him a sniper.
Leon Draisaitl - Half sniper, half playmaker.
Mark Stone - Two-way forward, playmaker.
Brad Marchand - Two-way forward, playmaker.
Aleksander Barkov - Two-way forward, playmaker.
Patrice Bergeron - Two-way forward, playmaker

(Those last four are kind of a stretch because at that point it's like calling all two-way forwards who can get points as playmakers - which could be the case.)

Now, I could be wrong here as I have not done a ton of testing on this, but I believe that the lack of an ability to mesh playstyles could hurt players in actual gameplay. I don't think that just giving players the attributes of a playstyle that they aren't along with the playstyle that they are benefit them that greatly.
I don't know if something like the secondary position feature added this year would work, but it's better than nothing.

As I mentioned, I haven't done a lot of testing with this, so I don't know if having a two-way forward with the attributes of both a typical two-way forward and a typical playmaker would produce optimal results.

Opinions on this?
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