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NHL 20 franchise mode - contract lengths error

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How could I prevent errors in contract lengths?
I noticed this happens randomly to entry level contracts which are always requested by drafted players to be for 3 yeas. Though for some of them remaining contract length is stucked for 3 for more seasons.
Some player finished already 2 seasons in my team but remaining contract said 3 yrs left. This means 3yrs entry contract turned into 5yrs 2way contract. Of course this happens only to players with lack of progress so they have to be traded or terminated. It does not matter whether player is signed prior to season or later. It can affect both of them. I checked also contracts overview after 2 full seasons played and such player has the amount e.g. 0,850m$ planned for 3 future seasons (despite 2 from his 3yrs contract were already done).
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