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The Decline of the NHL Soundtrack

I do not know how this soundtrack got into the game. Was from those "discount deals at bargain bills" to save EA some cash not to put in some good music or is it something else. The problem for EA is not Revenue. They made north of over 5.5 Billion dollars in 2020.

I have done some research and realized that slim to NONE from this year's soundtrack are actually played at NHL arenas. Even Worse, I've seen other users post their "Best of NHL" Soundtracks list and none of them have selected a song from NHL 21. Given this is a simulation game that is supposed to emulate the NHL as close as possible, I would hope the NHL Sounds Team are paying attention to what music is being played to recreate that experience for the fans like myself who play this game.

To make my post more relevant, I viewed Mickelräven's video on his Worst to Best NHL songs used from NHL 99 to NHL 21. To summarize, the majority of the worst songs in the series are from NHL 15 to NHL 21 while the best in the video are from NHL 14 and earlier editions.

Still don't believe me? Then Google "songs played at hockey games 2021" and find out.

My Proposed solutions:

1. A "Legacy Soundtrack" option - The selectable playlist to Select and listen to any songs from any Legacy NHL Title from menus to the Offline and Online game modes.
2. The Option to Integrate an Online streaming music service such as Spotify and amazon music to be seamlessly played in the menus and gameplay replays, between periods, goals, penalties, intro and end of games, etc


  • IceLion68
    1553 posts Member
    I have noticed a sharp dip around NHL18. I am not sure who or how the songs get selected but something needs to change. The songs they have been choosing the last 3 years in particular have been abysmal.

    Hockey is a ROCK sport. 21 Pilots and The Arkells ain't cutting it for me.
    Dad. Gamer. Rocker. Geek.
  • IceLion68
    1553 posts Member
    I get the distinct impression they are increasingly going out of their way to find obscure artists where the licensing costs might be cheaper or even non-existent. I guess I am ok with that provided the songs suit the game but my god, who thinks that these songs are even good, let alone NHL-appropriate?

    I am looking at you "Suzi Wu", HOKO, et al. : terrible

    I don't need NHL to be the place where I discover "cool new artists" or whatever. But again, if that's what they are going for , please make sure the songs are:

    - good
    - relevant
    Dad. Gamer. Rocker. Geek.
  • IceLion68
    1553 posts Member
    Note: I also notice they cross-license some songs across multiple games. e.g. Dirt 4/5 etc.
    Dad. Gamer. Rocker. Geek.
  • My “noticeable dip, or a dive off a very high mountain, was NHL 15 at the platform change from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox one. I would usually get 5 or 6 decent songs that I would like in the game every year and it would expand my horizons.

    I will personally agree with your statement that hockey is a Rock Sport, the high percentage of it should be in the punk rock and new metal range. And they have been close in the past, mostly picking from pop/rock, punk rock, and hard rock as their majority. I assume that your statement of “good” and “relevant” would be songs that would be the most popular to NHL players and/or music that is popularly played at the arenas. Honestly, I tried to listen to the soundtrack of NHL 21 and give it a second listen, but I couldn’t do though, my god. I couldn’t make it, lasted three songs, and then finally opted for total silence.

    Final note will be the cross license songs that you stated, I only found that only four songs from this year’s game are only from Dirt 4 and EA have many previous songs that they can use that are from the past that they have the rights for. Although these songs are not new but I personally smiled at “I am looking at you "Suzi Wu", HOKO, et al. : terrible!!..”

  • I get "bad vibes" from this soundtrack. best song in the last e4 years was Motionless In White's song in NHL 20
  • Here are my Highlights since 2017 (when I got in to the NHL Games, I got a ps4 late)
    Air Traffic Controller People Watching
    Max Brodie Headturner

    NHL 18-
    Nothing But Thieves Amsterdam
    The Score Legend

    TOP Jumpsuit
    Panic At The Disco High Hopes (I prefer the cover by our last night)
    Imagine Dragons Natural
    Grandson BLOOD/WATER

    Motionless in White Brand New Numb

    Royal Blood Trouble's Coming
    The 1975 People

    Not a strong list at all.... yikes
    one real rock song.
  • IceLion68
    1553 posts Member
    My lament is that you used to hear a lot of the songs at actual hockey games.

    I started playing with NHL 14 and IMO it was the best since - been downhill since then:

    NHL 14 -
    Joker and the Thief (Wolfmother), The Boys are Back (Dropkick Murphys), Live It Up (Airbourne), In The End (Black Veil Brides), Gluttony (Buckcherry), Riot (Bullet for My Valentine), Fire Fire (Heaven's Basement), Been Away Too Long (Soundgarden), Lanterns (Rise Against).

    Man. Whoever compiled this song list needs to be put back in charge of this. Such good songs. Here is the playlist on YouTube

    Hon Mentions:
    NHL 15 - My Songs Know What you Did In the Dark (Fallout Boy)
    NHL 17 - Righteous Smoke (Monster Truck)

    These were "Hockey songs"

    And someone needs to explain why The Enforcer by Monster Truck has never made it in: It's LITERALLY a hockey song.
    Dad. Gamer. Rocker. Geek.
  • EA_Aljo
    3020 posts EA Community Manager
    I'd just love the ability to have a custom playlist again. I rarely ever fully enjoy the soundtracks, but that's on me and not the people that design them. Music is incredibly subjective. I would make playlists full of punk, 90's alternative and independent hip hop artists. I don't think about what sounds like hockey. I go more for the songs that get me excited and compliment intense, competitive play.
  • I Would love emo for the soundtracks, Punk, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Metal, All under the emo umbrella
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