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Overall Formulas - Skaters and Goalies

Sup discussion board.

For the past 10 days, I have been designing a formula that calculates goalie overall based on the unknown weighting of all attributes. Through trial and error, I have gotten the goalie formula EXTREMELY accurate but not PERFECT. Of the 85 goalies on NHL rosters in EA's most recent roster, my formula correctly calculated the overalls for 84 of these goalies - Carey Price was the only error, who came in at a 91, whereas he is actually a 90. This is because my formula happens to be a SLIGHT overestimate. However, if I change it at all, everything gets screwy.


I'm here to ask if ANYONE knows the weighting of the following stats: poise, poke checking, passing, puck frequency

Poise I believe may be 60 points of poise = +/- 1 overall. However, I cannot find a combination of POK, PAS, and PPF weighting (which all weigh the same, by the way) that would make my formula more accurate than it already is, which has a blatantly incorrect POI value.

If you have anything, let me know.

Also, if you have anything on skater attribute weighting, lmk. I am aware defensemen and forwards have different weightings for their attributes, but the weighting seems a lot less clean on forwards.


  • This is a pretty interesting deep dive. God luck getting answers, I’d probably go to OperationSports to find people doing similar things as you, but their roster community has been significantly reduced due to this game refusing to implement roster sharing for this entire generation.
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