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New MatchMaking Options: EASHL

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The current set up is good for 3’s EASHL clubs, unless another player can give their feedback on their experience, I can’t list my reasoning to change the matchmaking set up for 3’s clubs.

6’s Clubs: the current set up is: Match Club Size >> EXACT or RELAXED
Match Goalie >> YES or NO
Use Best Game Location >> YES or RELAXED

PROPOSED set up for 22:
Club Size Parameters >> EXACT or RELAXED
IF RELAXED: Specify Club Range Minimum Players: “X”, Specify Club Range Maximum Players: ”X”
MATCH GOALIE: Yes >> No >> Any
Use Best Game Location: yes >> Select Server EAST N.A or WEST N.A

I think that more specification needs to be defined in NHL 22 to provide the best game possible. In rocket league, you can specify the server and it will tell you what server is recommended for best experience.
Now when your club is searching for a game, it gives you a population: (HIGH, NORMAL, LOW) and a time. What defines the population status and the time because my teammates claim that they are getting a different population status and different wait times? We are from different locations. I am from the Midwest U.S, the others are in Northeast U.S and Manitoba. There are no complaints on gameplay issues.

Bonus Question: Why does 6s include the goalie? (3 FWDs, 2 DEF, and 1 Goalie) and 3’s doesn’t? Because 3’s is your 2 FWDs, 1 Def, and 1 Goalie, so shouldn’t it be called 4’s? Is it something with goalies unable to make saves to the same shot via cross-crease, one timer, or the skate-left-shoot-high- right and vice versa if you are a right hander? Is the defense being forgotten because of pinching or just being forgotten in the offense even when they are doing what they are supposed to?
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