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LACK of intensity, lack of depth year after year.

Dear EA,
I have bought every single hockey game ever made by this company. In fact, I still have the working originals from childhood in the 1990's. What is lacking is simple, especially offline! I crave personal rivalries in dynasty mode! If Tom Wilson i.e., runs over my star 2026 draft pick, I want there to be a story that can carry on an entire career. Intensity!!!!!!! I feel like i'm playing Gary Bettman's NHL and its a video game...ZZzzzZZZzzzzl

I want the option to have a totally Random NHL; no real players! I want enforcers to actually fight, not my 5'9 playmaking left winger. Silly!
I want my created team to get carried on to the NEXT VERSION of the game! STATS, player names. A franchise hall of fame! How cool would it be over the years, to see who were your best drafted players were, what version of the game and their stats and accomplishments?
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