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NHL 22 Trailer



  • Is the a ww1 movie
  • Wait a new call of duty
  • Sega82mega wrote: »
    Sega82mega wrote: »
    So no cross-gen and no cross-crease to 22....

    beacuse nhl probebly is the community that would benefit most by making the cross-play possible - that should be a good reason to push extra hard for that process to come real.

    I dont think NHL need to be last with every singel thing - If they decides that one thing is much more importen then another.

    But I take gameplay and presentation any day - before cross-play, all though I will be glad the day crossplay happen - but mainly for thoose with alot of buddies through the cross consoles 'landscape'.

    notice you asked what basic hockey things still arent in the game in the now closed thread. So ill answer it here:
    1.tip in dump ins
    2. Staple hitting
    3. reach around stick checking
    4. kick saves(sticking your leg out to the side is not a kick save)(pretty sure it isnt in)
    5. lateral crossover skating
    6. chip ins (saucering is either too strong or too weak for a chip in)
    7. you can use your feet to receive a pass why cant you use them for interceptions?

    Sounds good.

    But what do you mean by staple hitting? - never heard that expression

    But yeah - some addition with some cool new animations - could probebly make a pretty big, notable diffrent - to the bigger picture.

    Make things more fluid - smooth thoose awkward movements over.

    staple hitting is like a hybrid between a hit and a pin against the boards
  • I hope we get
    a new cup animation
  • 1800nesn wrote: »
    I hope we get
    a new cup animation

    Future you seeing nhl 22 crap reaction puke 🤮 at least the cup looks nice
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