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Exactly as I thought.

“Cross-crease goals also make up for the majority of the goals in the NHL. Does the community feel they happen "too often" in game? From what we've seen discussed on the forums that is a yes. We've passed that feedback along to the team and they've taken it into consideration for the future of the franchise. We do not anticipate any game balance changes happening around this for NHL 21 though.

We have other discussions related to this that can be found via the search bar or scrolling the forums. I'm going to close this topic down as it's a duplicate topic and not productive to call out the community as garbage.“

My assumptions were right. It shows how little they know about the sport. Cross crease goals do NOT make up the majority of goals scored in the real world. Low shot rebounds. Deflections. Shots when the goalie is screened. THOSE are the majority of goals scored in not just the NHL, but in all leagues of all levels. Cross creases do happen, yes, but they definitely do not make up for 90% of goals scored in the sport.

It’s very concerning how little you know about the sport, saying that cross crease goals can be “defended” when they really can’t, or saying that cross crease goals make up the majority in the NHL, when it doesn’t. This is all coming from someone who’s played competitive hockey for years, so I think it’s only natural I’m this frustrated with how these games turn out.

As far as the community goes, yes, I WILL call them out. Horrible, offensive player and team names seen often in EASHL, exploiting, and overall really poor sportsmanship.

I’m tired of this. I really want to enjoy playing hockey games but there is little to no enjoyment in NHL 21. Exploits and glitches not being addressed. Horrible goalies. Horrible animations. No resemblance of hockey anywhere.
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