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This is it ,i finally hang up my skate ...

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i trade that game at EB games for 13.50..

if i have to give a quick (offline)review for a nhl21....

it s probably a 7 out 10
as much ,i love hockey this game is just not there yet
the fun factor and after two game you just feel like playing something else ..

here my top 5 fixs;

1.roster sharing ,(since EA team have no clue how to have a bigger separation in talent and a lots of players are exactly the same and the rating for players just make no sence at all (bobby ryan had 85 speed LOL... rookie who are in the top 20 in the upcoming draft who are 53 ovr..Missing all the US and russian rookie ...no joke i went through the whole league ,and it s a chore to re-rate the whole league and create the missing prospect, but it make the game so much better and there is a ton a guys like me ,who make awsome update ...why nba2k as it and not you guys ?

2.The skating :this as been the gameplay biggest problem in the ps4 days ,i have to use speedburst
(acceleration at 0 speed at 75 ),Authentic is sluggish (the magical speed glitch)and it s been like this for years .
the explosion or the first few step that a hockey players take in this game is just awful ...

3.be a gm...what can i say ..there is so much logic bugs after a years or two the whole game is out of whack
players asking ridiculous contract,players progression need a big overhaul,team re signing their own players ...and i could go on and on ...be a gm need a big time fix

4 the a.i ... At first the A.i was steping up guys at the blue line and was a step in the right direction ,
d-man was shooting from the blue line ...making pretty good decision
somehow you guys tune it ...in the month after and it got worse and worse..

5.the overall ambience ,you guys should cut a lot or some of the cinematic ,after playing two game ,i dont want to see the same cinematic over and over ,it bring nothing to this game ,and i don t want to hold a button to skip the cinematic ,go try super mega baseball 3 ..there is no time wasting cinematic in this game and i love it ..make playing a game faster (it s a grind to play a 82 games season )

Anyways the Nhl series use to be my favorite since john vaniebrourk was on the cover ,but over the last decade this game take baby step foward ,while other game are way in front and just feel like it s evolving
i can t say that i feel that way about the nhl series
this years i don t think i ll buy nhl 22 somehow it look like this years will be a transision years (a la nhl15)
i hope i am wrong on this ...after years of dissapointement, the hype for this years release..is not there for me anymore ...




  • I agree with the score, roughly 6 out of 10 for me. I like the game but not enough has changed gameplay wise. Plus throw in the broken trade values in franchise mode and that was almost a killer for me. I'm not enjoying the game as much anymore because of the issues with trade values. Which is a shame.
  • 7/10 seems like a fair score for offline, I would probably go about a 5 though. Overall, the gameplay has improved the last few years and I do enjoy it, but it still has a long way to go in my eyes. I don’t recall seeing any standout offensive moves during the NHL season this year that would be priority to add to the game so let’s hope there becomes more focus on AI, defence, goaltending and better team/player separation. I personally don’t have a huge problem with the speed/acceleration as I do with how accurate every play is at the top speeds.
    Roster sharing is huge for just about everyone who plays offline, it’s just not something that I care about enough to be considered a dealbreaker.
    There were just too many bugs and other untouched problems both introduced in 21 and from previous years to keep me interested once I knew for sure they were not getting fixed. The player progression bug was the big one for me, I just keep (maybe blindly) telling myself that all the focus was to make sure NHL 22 is a great game and that’s why 21 was left as it was.
    If they do make the move to frostbite this year, I’m sure it will come with all new cutscenes and animations, but I’m like you where I have a huge need for them at all.
    There seems to be more and more people saying what you are saying, so let’s hope that they turn this around in a hurry.
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