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From an artists standpoint…

From an artists standpoint, overall the game looks great, but there are some issues, minor nit picky issues, that are really getting to me.

I’ve noticed that black jerseys seem more charcoal than black. And some black gloves and helmets have what looks like a greenish tint to them.

The Rangers uniforms are a travesty. For the 3rd year in a row, it seems as though their home helmets are light blue and their jerseys are almost purple. As a Rangers fan, this is driving me up a wall. In fact, most of the blue shades in the game have a slight purple tint to them. I honestly don’t think it’s my tv because if I start playing with the color and tint settings, all the other colors that are spot on, start to get wonky.

And speaking of purple, the Ducks 93-94 away uniform has a black helmet. It needs to be purple. They didn’t start wearing black helmets, gloves and pants until 1997, and it really needs to be fixed. It’s only been wrong for 3 years now.

If anyone else has any “art” issues, let’s post them here. Leave any gameplay issues or bugs for the other threads. Let’s make this about the artistic side of the game.


  • How about the black buttons on the black background?
  • I’m not happy with the thin black letters on a bright white background that’s all over this game either.

    I mean, I like the cleanliness of it, but my old eyes are struggling.

    Keep the white background, but use a thicker font for better results.
  • As someone who only plays with the alumni teams and using the vintage jerseys my biggest concern is the off white/cream color helmets that are on basically all the white throwback uniforms, with just a few exceptions. Almost all the 2016-17 jerseys, 06-07 jerseys, and all the other throwbacks in the game have this issue. Last year they fixed it for Anaheim and Chicago, all their white jerseys now have proper white helmets. Whalers has been fine since NHL 20. This year they fixed Montreal. Not sure if they actually meant to fix it though or if it somehow got fixed accidentally for these teams. I would guess the latter cause why would they just fix those few teams and not all of them. Makes no sense. I can't even understand why this issue exists to begin with and has for so many years.

    Most adidas jerseys are fine but San Jose, Pittsburgh and Washington even has this problem on their current white away jerseys. Doesn't anyone ever notice this?

    I kind of learned to live with it now and still enjoy using most old school jerseys, even the white ones, but it would be so nice if they finally fixed this. It doesn't look good.

    Here is an example:

    Quebec - off white/cream colored helmet

    Montreal - proper white

    Hartford - proper white
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