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I want a explanation ASAP!!!

So this is the second time that I have lost to the Hoboken beauts on all-star mode and I’m just curious what the actual **** how can a 86 overall team with 4 synergies on get out skated, out played on AI, and a 70’s goalie out perform a 84 rated lehner. If this is the type of game I’m getting where I can have any synergy on and it doesn’t matter then I either want a refund or get a answer to why I should keep playing this game


  • Still waiting on a answer EA is this the type of customer service I should expect from your company
  • Explanation is that you should be playing on a difficulty level closer to your actual skill level. You might need to turn it down a notch until you're good enough to beat all star

    That said, I find the teams of silver rated players and goalies are oddly more difficult than the higher rated teams. I'll beat them no problem, but they're certainly more irritating than you'd expect.

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