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Seriously wake up EA

How many years are going to go by before you punish people for quitting or scrub hunting games.

Club is nothing but teams backing out after looking up your record, with no penalty for it.

Drop ins have half the players leaving after the first goal is scored. I’ve yet to have a game that doesn’t start out 6v6 and end up at 4v2, if finishing at all.

If I’m a new player trying out this game, I’m 100% getting a refund or never touching it again. You make it next to impossible for any new player to even find a club or jump into Eashl, you make drop ins to the point they literally never finish, or you’re stuck against 3/5 AI skaters on the other side bored out of your mind the rest of the game.

Like how do you guys not see this and do something about it?
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