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Once again screwed by EA

My 86 overall team with three synergies once again gets outskated outperformed by a team with low 80’s golds and high 70’s silvers in squad battlesand I love the fact that my 84 lehner gave up so many easy shots when there 72 vejmelka got so many saves on hard shots. You know I could deal with this **** last year since I could actually pass but with all the flaws you guys are having this year this is unacceptable I spent my money on a game to play and get my team better but what is the point when I clearly have the better team but get out performed by weaker players who can actually complete a pass. This is the second post I’ve had to make like this I don’t want to have to make a third actually do some damn customer service and explain to me why this is happening. Before some troll decides to comment and say oh your not so good this is happening to players that are better then me also they just don’t want to post something to find a answer so save your time


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