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Team AI

I am sooo sick of my teams AI. It takes like 3 of my guys to check 1 of my opponents... I could turn the difficulty to All Star but then I'd be getting 2 points a game and it just feels unrealistic.

Power Play Defense... this is the worst AI programing, it drives me insane... When we are on the power play and the other team ices the puck, my defense will not go behind our net to get the puck... they will literally stop and wait for the penalty killers to get it. PLEASE fix this. It is ridiculous.

My team being awful isn't too bad, because im on arizona. But i just KNOW that it has like 20% to do with my team being bad, and 80% just bad AI programming. The way the opponent AI plays, and the way your teams AI plays, are night and day. Opponent AI gets rid of the puck in like a quarter of a second, meanwhile if my teammate doesn't have like 2 metres distance between him and the closest forechecker he will turn around and skate behind his own net... lose a puck battle, and give the puck out.... some of this could be changed if you let me play center, but nope can't play center, instead i get a center that can't win a faceoff.

The bolded part is something that needs to be fixed... it's really awful. The rest is just usual EA garbage that will never be fixed.
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