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HUT Brutal Fat man lag

Every single game I play on 8MS lags to the point that I can’t play. It is especially bad against players in QC, to the point that enjoying the experience / competing goes right out the window. I finished 71st and 80th in GWC qualifiers last two years, I’m a good player but this year I can’t even get out of Div 3 because every game my players are weighed down and my player switches don’t work. You guys say “if everyone experienced this we’d hear about it” but I’ve read sooo many players having the same experience as me on these forums and on the Reddit. I’ve lost any hope in having a decent experience. Zero chance I’m playing champs on these connections & better yet, zero chance I’m spending another cent on a game that I can’t enjoy. 🤷🏻‍♂️.
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