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Suggestions for NHL 23

1. I think it would be cool to add a little bit of the older little perks back like hitting a guy into the glass and the glass breaking or like taking a slap shot here and there and the glass shatters. Also, I would like back hitting a guy into the bench.

2. I’ve always wanted this since I was very little and that was Be A Ref Mode. I thought like certain buttons on the control could be different calls like tripping, hooking, etc. Also, to like warn some of the players and break up fights.

3. I also want to suggest a story like face of the franchise from the madden game but in NHL. I feel like it would be fun. In be a pro I feel like it would be cool to add a thing where you could skate around a town and head to an outdoor rink to play 3vs3 where you play with the team your on vs a mix of players from other teams. Or you could skate around town to go to your practice arena or talk with coach or even talk with fans.

4. I would also like to be able to practice with your team in franchise mode to build chemistry. Also in franchise mode to be able to make an online league and play with friends as different or the same teams like from madden.

5. I would like a to also do warmups between games for like a minute. Also I feel like the national anthem would be cool.

6. New celebrations. I feel like after a game is over the animations are the same over and over. Also before and after a game i thought it would possibly be cool to walk from the locker room to the ice and mess with teammates and get pumped up on the way.

7. I would like to add winter classic games back. I miss the tension between the teams when it was time to play a winter classic game.

8. Thank you EA for creating this game I really appreciate you and your efforts. Please consider adding these modes and adjustments to the game it would make the game so much more enjoyable and popular! Stay safe! God Bless!


  • Bring back free tournament creation mode or international tournaments
  • Put the top 5-10 women in hockey on the roster and give females-the outliers to the data set who are actually good enough to play at that level- an opportunity to play at the highest level of hockey available to them...even if only on a video game...until the NHL starts making the playing field more inclusive by inviting women to try out for teams!
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