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NHL 23

I would like to see the winter classic game come back in the games. I also would like to see a option where you can play stadium series games. I know it wasn’t with EA but the drive the Zamboni was cool in 2k games and I know it’s a long shot but would like to see EA do something like that.


  • I would like to see the all star games come into franchise mode and be a pro. I don't care if the skills competition is in but it would be nice. It would be fun to get selected and play in the all star game in be a pro and have your players selected in franchise mode.
  • with the upgraded hardware of the 9th gen consoles I would love to see the ECHL in franchise mode and Be a Pro
  • 1. I would like a same console multiplayer in CHEL which players could play with others on the same console. I love playing NHL with my younger brother and parents but cannot play CHEL with them because we only have one console. I wish that players could play CHEL with family and/or friends on the same console. It would be cool to have a split-screen option for if one player is a goalie and the other a skater if this were added into NHL 23.

    2. It would be nice to bring back the Winter Classic and Stadium Series modes that used to be in the older NHL games.

    3. I would be happy for hits that knock players into the benches to be brought back into the game.

    4. My mom would like to have the Woman's Hockey League teams in NHL such as the Boston Pride for example. Also I think it would make the NHL game series more inclusive and diverse.

    EA team thank you for creating the NHL series which I find joy in playing and I hope you take all these suggestions into consideration.
  • I would LOVE a lot of things too, NHL HUT is basically what they over hauled, and crowd reaction, and NEVER took any suggestions. Maybe in NHL 24, we as fans will be heard. That said, another of NOT buying NHL again.

    Sorry EA as soon as you START taking fans suggestions AS WELL AS over haul MORE THEN TWO THINGS will I be MORE then happy to start buying NHL games again.
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