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Game Crashes when trying to sign certain prospects

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I only really play franchise mode in NHL anymore, and have never encountered this problem before this sim. Theres random prospects that I'll draft (computer generated) where if I even hover their name in the signing free agents period it'll crash the game. Second time I've had this happen. I have to set it to autosign and hope the computer signs him. Any fixes for this? haven't been able to find this anywhere. Happens when I go to sign them onto their ELC and it happened for the next contract too. I just traded the one guy cause I didn't feel like dealing with it.


  • Barbsy92
    1 posts New member
    wait meant this for 22
  • EA_Aljo
    3229 posts EA Community Manager
    Hi there, @Barbsy92

    Have you noticed if these players are Russian by chance? If so, it's most likely related to an issue that a patch is being released today for at 1 PM EST.

    Also, we don't use these forums too much these days as we've transitioned to using Answers HQ. You can find the NHL forums here. Thanks!
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