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Love your game but...

Hello, programmers and other people pressed for time to put out so many decent games. Perhaps the dialogue leaves something to be desired? On another topic, I was thinking after almost two full seasons on the Seattle "Kraken" maybe you should include a slow-motion feature. Here's how it would work:

Either after reaching a certain skill level or, selected by the player who earned it themselves, whenever they get in front or near the goal and still carried a certain amount of energy points, they could sacrifice a portion of their health bar for three solid "slow-mo" seconds and select the part of the goal they wanted to shoot at via cursor/pointer using their joystick. Miss or make keep the element of doubt but upon scoring a goal you have to add a lot of cheers too! Don't forget to give great blocks some deep sound too.

These two things would increase the dramatic effect of the game tenfold. Otherwise, I really do love the work you're doing thanks for reading my comment.
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