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NHL 24 ideas

I believe there are several ways that EA NHL can revamp their game without spending alot of money or time.

A lot of these features that they can utilize to improve the quality of NHL are already in the game.

Be a pro

Be a Pro should be combined with EASHL and free skate.

EA could combine all three modes and call it become the legend.

Each year could be a new underdog story where an unlikely player makes it into the pros.

Similarly to the NBA 2k style.

They should also have a high school hockey experience that can relate to the American players more.

Have it where you start your career in high school hockey and then give players the option to go to the juniors or college before the nhl.

Also give players the option to play out there entire high school career.

At the start, players can choose to play just a few games, or play one or all four years of high school.

Then a few games in college before the national championship.

EA already has create teams as an option, they could use their own tools and create 12 well designed teams for the High School teams. They could also create a few new High School Arena models for creating the arenas.
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