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NHL 24 ideas - Creation and Customization

Player Creator

There are a lot of great features with creating players for NHL. But I believe they can add more.

EA could let players be created with no helmets and have options to have scars or less teeth like in the old NHL games.

Arena Creator

NHL does offer great options for arena creator but they should offer more.

Have elaborate arena options like a desert rink, or a rink on the moon.

This could intrigue gamers that don’t play NHL to buy.

Choose an Arena

I think that NHL should have the option to select an arena in every mode.

This way if a player wants to play a game in franchise mode outdoors they are not limited to EASHL; the only mode that allows this.

Hitz Mode

Unless there is someone from the NHL who heavily regulates what EA can put in the game. EA should bring back features like broken glass and checking players over the boards and through the glass.

You could also have a setting in all game modes called Hitz Mode setting where it is an all out violent mode where players can get checked through the glass and the game just continues; and like the old NHL Hitz game, all of the glass resets after a whistle.
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