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I am not the type of guy to complain about things that don’t mean anything, but the one button dekes mean something, so I will give you some advise. You need to change it. It shouldn’t be 1 button for any of the moves like lacrosse, 1 hand tuck, or between the legs etc. You changed it because people complained about them being too hard in previous games. Just remember, if ANYONE complains about something being too difficult, that is a skill issue and not a game issue. Every game needs a skill gap to separate the pros from the elites.

I understand your argument for the lacrosse move especially. “It still requires timing and isn’t easy”. That’s true for the first few weeks, but you have to understand, people will get that timing down in days, then abuse it forever. It just can’t be like that.

What you should do: Remove all 1 button dekes and make them work just like previous games. Everything else with the new controls are amazing, but the 1 button face button dekes need to go.
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